SI/PI Simulation Engineer
May 7, 2019 凌陽科技 Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.,   Hsinchu, Taiwan

1. PCB, package and chip IOs modeling, extraction, characterization for signal/power integrity simulation.
2. Package stack-up evaluation, RDL pre-route.
3. Co-work with IC designer to define specification and solve the silicon related signal and power integrity problems in the system.
4. Signal integrity (SI) and PI channel simulation for high speed interfaces such as DDR, HDMI et al.
5. Provide RDL and PCB layout guideline.
6. Package/PCB layout review and co-design.

1. 1-3 years experience is preferred.
2. Familiar with High Frequency Circuit Design.
3. Experience with Chip/PCB/Package and co-sim.
4. Experience with signal integrity/power integrity analysis.
5. Familiar with deisgn in Matlab is preferred.
6. Familiar with HFSS/ SIwave
7. Familiar with VNA/TDR/oscilloscope operations.

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