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CASPA 2013 Annual Conference and Dinner Banquet

Internet of Everything




The semiconductor industry continues the advancement with the Moore's Law in the Post-PC era. Withmore functionality and computing components being integrated into one system chip, the semiconductor landscape has shifted from PC-centric computing to handheld, and further to wearable forms. A touch, a gesture, a tone, or even a movement from eyeball can trigger a series of computing from local to cloud devices. The mega-trend of Intellectual Properties (IP) plays an increasing role in the silicon SoC solutions, which brings computing core and ASIC much closer to various applications in our lives with brand new user experiences in wearable devices, perceptual computing, voice recognition, deform-able display etc. All these computing devices are connected via wired and wireless communication network with I/O interfaces for information collection, processing and presentation. Semiconductor technologies remain at the kernel to drive the future innovation with ubiquitous and instantaneous computing at both local devices and cloud servers. Please come to CASPA's last major event of the year -- Annual Conference and learn the future impacts and opportunities in the era of Internet of Everything.

Date: October 12, 2013 (Saturday)
Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center (map)
5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054